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Fancy a "very special little place, all your own", in a place you love? The new Muji Hut might be just your thing.

Rather than packing a tent, checking into a hotel (or ryokan), or taking a chance with Air B&B, you could build yourself a compact hut courtesy of the famed minimalist brand.


At 9m2, it's certainly compact, but Muji assures that "the porch and high roof create a space large enough for 3–4 people to relax in." As you'll probably want to situate it in a place where you'll be spending most of the time outdoors, they're probably right.


I'm a Muji fan, a fan of the outdoors, and a minimalist, so this ticks all the right boxes for me. I thought it was a bit steep at ¥3,000,000, but if you can use it for years - whenever you want to - it could work out to be quite a bargain.

It also seems sturdy enough, with timber frame construction and a reinforced concrete raft foundation (both handy for earthquake-prone Japan).


I'm not about to rush out and buy one - I'd need both the land to build one and ¥3,000,000 in cash first - but I do like the idea.

Perhaps Muji could rent a few out on a 'try before you buy' scheme first? (Currently available only in Japan.)

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