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Recent work: New name, logo, and identity for Kasa


Kasa is a personal project, and the new name for the education materials and services I offer. 

I used to produce education materials, resources, and training under three names, both alone and in a partnership: Compass Language Studio, My Eigo World, and re:education.

Previous logos for Compass, My Eigo World, and re:education (also designed by me)

Compass was opened as a language school and materials development business in 2013, and renamed My Eigo World in 2015. We eventually closed our school in 2016, although I continue to work in language education, and added the re:education website as a place to write about wider education issues.

Having three different places dedicated to basically the same thing was too much, so I decided to bring everything under one roof, so to speak.

Which brings me onto...

The name


I'm inspired by educators like Maria Montessori, John Dewey, Lev Vygotsky, and Ken Robinson. The name is inspired by Montessori's first classroom, the Casa dei Bambini. I changed the C to a K, because it represents the first letter of my family name, and my wife's maiden name, and makes the word the anglicized version of the Japanese word for 'umbrella'. As this was aimed to bring all my education work under one roof, or one umbrella, I think it fits well.

Also, as it's not intrinsically linked to education, it allows more room for growth in the future.

Which then brings me to...

The logo


The logo is inspired by a John Dewey quote: "Arriving at one goal is the starting point to another." It's also designed to represent progress, with the green colour hinting towards nature, and natural progress.


It can also be used in various applications in larger, thicker forms, as seen above on a book cover mock-up.

A stacked version of the logo and wordmark looks like this:


And, just for good measure, here it is in black and white, and reverse.


The website is under construction, with new materials being added constantly, so please have a look if that's something you're interested in.

If you'd like me to help you with a design project you've got, get in touch! -



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