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Palm is back


I vaguely remember the name Palm having something to do with technology, and now it's back.

From what I can gather, it's a companion phone for your phone. I still don't understand the point of these things, as I mentioned last year when talking about the Light Phone. Is the phone you've got too big? Get a smaller one. Too many apps? Delete a few.

If my phone was distracting me to the point that I felt I needed another phone, I'd be asking myself some serious questions.

The new Palm is clearly not aimed at people like me.

Take, for example: "Palm isn’t a replacement for your smartphone - it’s a fully connected product that is in sync with your existing smartphone, so all of your connectivity can go where your smartphone can’t." Where can't your smartphone go? Even thought they're getting bigger, it's not like people are trying to shove iPads into their pockets.

Then there's this: "Put it into your smallest pocket, wear it on your neck or slip it into your yoga pants." I'm sure it should be around your neck rather than on it but, anyway, here's a handsome chap wearing one.

Handsome chap wears superfluous technology

That's not as small as I imagined. Still, Palm says they're "making smartphones truly mobile again." Smartphones are literally mobile phones. Also, I hope they're not planning to embroider "make smartphones mobile again" on red baseball caps.

Let's finish on a high note: the new logo is quite nice.


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