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Why do you work? (And how you can help others answer that question)

What does your brand stand for?


Some people don't have a clear idea about what their product or service is or what it represents - I certainly didn't when I got started, hence I made tons of mistakes.

Many of these mistakes can be avoided if you're really honest with yourself.

Here are some questions I sometimes get potential clients to ask themselves. It helps us both to work out how we can best work together.

Try it for yourself and, for all of them, be as honest and objective as possible - however painful it feels at times.

1) What exactly are your products and/or services? What qualities do they have?

2) What are the core values of your products/services? What are your core values?

3) What is the mission of your company? What do you want to achieve? Is it realistic?

4) What is your speciality? If you have more than one, are they compatible?

5) Who is your target market/audience? Why? Do your products and services attract the people you are targeting?

6) Where is your target market?

7) What do you want people to think about your product/service? What do they currently think?

8) Do you have any competitors? Who are they? How are you different?

9) What is your tagline/the tagline of your company? What message does your tagline send to your prospective customers? Does your tagline match your company? Do the same thing for your logo, if you have one.

10) Are you targeting business or consumer sectors?

These questions are more often not just the starting point, and I've seen many positive results of asking and answering them with complete honesty.


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